Friday, September 11, 2009

New York New York

We arrived in NY late this afternoon. Just in time to check out this shop right down the street.
Then we went down to SoHo and found Purl. First the yarn and fibers shop,

then the Purl fabric shop. Very cool! It's always fun to check out other shops!
It's very small,

but they pack a lot of awesome fabric into their small space. They had a great selection of Japanese fabrics.
We'll see what I find tomorrow!


judy said...

Darn, Mary, I would have given you my purl shopping list. I love those stores.

Seriously, I am thinking of you today. I hope it's a day that is kind to you, as much as it can be. Judy Sebastian

marianne said...

Lots of love from Marianne and Abby.

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