Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bags by Kim

Doris Gage-West's daughter, Kim, was up visiting and was nice enough to stop by and show us some of the bags she makes. (Lucky us)
She's showing us her Tommy Bahama fabric bag here and also a look at the inside, with more of the great fabric and of course, pockets.
Carol liked this bag. Actually, Carol liked a lot of bags.
I think this one was one of my favorites.
I liked the layered look of this one.
These bags are so roomy, perfect for traveling.
Click this one and you can see the brooch decoration.
Not the best picture, but I think this one was Carol's top pick.
There was more, too. Thank you Kim for showing us! It was like a trunk show for those of us at the store.
She does sell them under the name Gabriella Designs. As soon as she gets a web site, I'll let you know.


Kimberley said...

Dear Mary. Thank you for the opportunity to show my bags at Tumbleweeds. Thank you also for featuring them on your blog! The week on Cape Cod was perfect. A nice relaxing visit with family; a refreshing break from the Tampa heat; and a successful "Trunk Show" at Ellen Peterson's Holiday Quilter's Weekend in Eastham. She did a superb job running her first weekend!!! Please give my regards to Carol and Willie and a "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of you. Sincerely, Kimberley Bobish. Gabriella Designs.

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