Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Binky's Quilts

This month we have more of Binky Page's quilts on display. Her work is simply beautiful! This gorgeous applique is in frame.
Here's a manger scene.
A small tree skirt.
Remember Snow Bound? All of a sudden it seems like a lot of people are making this quilt again. It really is timeless.
More beautiful applique.
I actually made one of these Piece of Cake Quilts. I hand appliqued it and hand quilted it, except when I got to the borders I switched to machine quilting. Now it's been sitting for about 10 years waiting for me to finish the binding. It's sewed on, I just need to hand stitch the back of the binding. Binky finished her's.
Her work is spectacular!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog spot. There is some great things to see. I was in the store last week and purchased the light house redwork pattern. There was a sample of the finished product on the wall and I forgot to take a picture of it. Your store is about 1 1/2 hours away. Could you take a picture of it and post it on your blog? I khnow that you used red and black on it but I forgot where.

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