Monday, April 26, 2010

Idol Talk

I pass this sign every day on my way to and from work or wherever I'm going. There's other signs supporting Siobhan, but this one looks so official, like a real street sign. I like it! She's a hometown girl from close by, and I hope everyone votes for her! I don't know if that's the correct spelling of her name, I've always seen it Siobhan in the newspapers, but either way I hope she gets lots of votes.
I don't think she makes quilts, but she dresses so quirky and creatively that I feel like she's one of us. Feathers, butterflies, flowers, all kinds of embellishments,
ruffles and different textures, it's like she's a quilt waiting to happen. Don't forget to VOTE!!
Meanwhile, Stephanie finished her pumplin quilt. It's a design from Thimbleberries.
This is Tricia Currey's mystery quilt from her Falmouth Quilt Guild. She gets a lot done!


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