Friday, May 7, 2010


This is a "Row Robin" quilt that Mary Jane Eicholzer is working on. She lived in New Jersey and got together with 7 women from the to quilt. So, each person does a row and passes it on to the next person. She does it long distance now, since she's moved to the Cape. It's a fun way to stay connected to friends!
Caren Wheelwright made this quilt from an Amy Butler Book. It's HUGE! No worries about someone stealing your covers with this quilt, there's enough to go around!
Paula Klaus is ready to layer this Trip Around the World top. It's beautiful! The colors just glow!
Carole Antis is back from down south and has been busy! She made this quilt for her daughter and a matching tuffet (Gumdrop Pillow)! Lucky girl!


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