Saturday, July 24, 2010


Did you know there were kangaroos at the Barnstable County Fair this year? That was different. You don't often see them on Cape Cod. I took this picture. Doesn't it kindof look fake?
The thing that I thought was interesting was that they had baby kangaroos hanging out in fabric pockets. There were a couple of different styles. I can just picture them needing a place to put a baby kangaroo one time and a quilter being around and offering up her bag. Then her offering to make more for all the baby kangaroos.
A lot of purses come into the the store that are made by quilters. A few have had dogs in them, and one time a baby skunk. Never a kangaroo. Thank goodness!

Shirley Ladetto made this purse, perfect for Cape Cod in the Summer! It has a pocket on the outside and some on the inside.
Another Cape Cod in the Summer bag is this one, made by Cheryl.
This one was made by Doris Bryan, with a bright floral that says SUMMER!
I hope your Summer is going great!


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