Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bayberry Show Begins

The Bayberry Quilt Show is in full swing! It started today and will continue tomorrow and Saturday. Pat is there from the Tumbleweed in Pembroke with lots of good things for you to look at and buy.
Maureen stopped at the store after the show, dressed for the occasion! Her granddaughter, Julia, age 10, had made her some pretty yo yos that Maureen artfully arranged on her shirt. She also had a headband that Julia made for her with yo yos on it. Of course she had made her matching bag, too!
Nancy helped man the store for all the after show visitors. She was asked frequently if she had made her blouse. She said no, but WE know she could have! If you look closely you can see her, she's blending in with the batiks!
On a totally unrelated topic, here's some Christmas fabric that arrived this week. The dotted fabric is really buttons instead of plain dots. Very festive!
I'll have pictures from the show soon. I just have to remember to bring home my program booklet so I can see who belongs to which quilt.


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