Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Herring Run Quilters' Guild is having their 11th Quilt Show this weekend, September 18-19. Saturday 10 to 5, Sunday 10 to 3. It will be held at the Norwell Middle School, Rt. 123, Norwell MA. This quilt is their Raffle Quilt called NY Blues.
The featured quilter at the show is Bobbie Sullivan. Bobbie is an awesome quilter! She's pictured here along with Betty Crowell and Sandy Gregg (also awesome quilters) with one of their award winning "slice" quilts. To find out more about the slice quilts and who else is involved in making them and to see more of Bobbie's quilts go here
The Shining Tide Quilters from Fairhaven were on the Cape on Tuesday.
They came on a bus and made a stop at Tumbleweed for some fun shopping!
I snapped pictures of some of them showing off their hand made handbags.
As you can see, there was quite a variety!


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