Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilt Market

Hello from Houston!! Today was the first day of Quilt Market and I am over stimulated and exhausted, which is actually quite normal for any day of Market.
Take a look at the Michael Miller booth! Sparkly girls!
I love sparkly girls! I love sparkly anything!

Isn't this girl cute? I have a crown just like her's. I also have shoes like her's, too, but mine are red. I have black ones too, come to think about it.

This poor wallflower has to wear drapes! It's curtains for her, poor girl.

Don't they all make you see Fairy Frost fabric in a new light?

This poor gyspy has lost her head!

I do like her gypsy house. It's very cheerful.

Lots more to come!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Having fun? Please take lots of pictures of Jo's booth, and bring home lots of goodies for everyone. Debbie

judy said...

Post lots of pics. I love seeing the show. Have fun. Bring home surprises. Judy

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