Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Carol was in Adele's class today and this is what she made, a sweatshirt jacket for her almost 4 year old granddaughter named Skyler! I meant to take a picture of the back, too. It has a Disney Princess on the back!
Sally Johnson needed batting for this king size quilt she made! It's big! You can see more of Sally's quilts here.
Ruth Banner is almost done with her pinwheel and roses quilt. Everything is looking like Spring to me!
Cheryl Martel came in wearing a jacket she made for herself! It looks so cozy!
She didn't make her bag but it matches perfectly! Here's a back view for you to see!
Okay, I was asked to pass this on. If your machine is making noises you can't explain...check under the throat plate!! Someone was in class last week and had machine trouble and after this little pile was removed the machine just purred. I personally can't say anything about other people's lint, because I am really bad about checking and cleaning mine. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary.

I hope you can help me. I used to live on the Cape...many moons ago and loved to come in to the store.

In 1999 I purchased all of the block of the months which would make a Cape Cod quilt. Well...I am just now getting to starting (can you say "procrastinator?") and was hoping that you might have a picture of a completed quilt? It would be very helpful for me...a very beginning quilter.

Also, sorry for the long comments, I have 1 block from the 1998 block of the month (June...Hot Summers Garden) and am hoping...I know it's a long shot, that you might have instructions for the other 11 months? Or a picture of a completed quilt?

I enjoy your blog and miss going to the is by far the best quilt shop I have ever been in.


Peggy C. email

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