Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eye Candy

I visited one of my favorite stores yesterday, Anthropologie, and saw some cool things. Look at these dishtowels! They're great! No, they don't make me want to wash dishes, but I can picture draping them over a curtain rod like a valence to just look at.
Prairie points! Stitches! Balls! Bright colors!
Lots of fabric choices for aprons.
This is eye candy seen at Tumbleweed. Debbie McKenzie came in Thursday morning for Studio Club carrying her tea mug in a cute mug bag she had made. My tea mug wants a bag now!! With a little pocket for tea bags!
Look! Back at Anthropologie there is a rug made out of felt balls!! Love it!!
Nice African fabric for a chair!
Another pretty chair!
This one would look great in my living room! This was in Home Goods.
Beautiful things everywhere!


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