Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maggie and John Got Married!

Willie's daughter Maggie got married last Friday!! She had the most beautiful dress ever! Look at the back!
The front was gorgeous, too! Willie and her girls, Maggie and Katie, made a lot of the things they needed for the wedding. Like the veil.
Willie made a tablerunner for each of the tables. The tables were beautiful!

The place card tags and candy boxes were embossed by Maggie. Katie put "Maggie and John" stickers on the bottoms of the chocolate kisses.
Willie also made garters, one to keep, and one to throw, for the bride. Everything was beautiful and had the talented, artistic, personal touch of all the Fiedler girls!
Congratulations Maggie and John!! (and Willie!!!)


Willie said...

Mary. Thanks so much. What a wonderful day and so happy to share with my friends.

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