Thursday, September 15, 2011


There was some fun things to do and see while in N.Y. I passed a shoe store with this American flag made of a piece of sheer fabric and safety pins hanging in the window.
It was Fashion Week, and Kevin's firehouse is at 66 and Amsterdam, right by Lincoln Center. There were lots of interesting people around there to see!
This vehicle was parked in front of Lincoln Center.
I stopped by the Folk Art Museum to see the National Tribute Quilt.
I found Kevin's name in this section, a close-up is in my previous post.
Capt. Patrick Brown, my brother-in-law's cousin who was also killed, was here. I thought I'd snapped a picture of Eugene Whalen's block, but I guess I didn't. He was my cousin Rose's husbÄnd's cousin who was another fireman killed.
They had other quilts on display I was lucky enough to be able to see.
A lot of different styles were represented.
This one has a fun color combination!

I always like hexagons!

These settings were different than you usually see for crazy quilts.

This one was a baby quilt size "Starburst" design that was really different! I'd never seen one like this before.

This was just one block, about maybe 24 inches square. I wonder if the maker wasn't able to make more blocks to complete a quilt, or if after one block she decided that applique was not for her, like a lot of us quilters do!
This one was bright in person, the picture is blurry. Kind of a improv one.
I loved this pink one! Very different and freeform!

Another "doing their own thing" quilt! You go girl!!!
This is one of my personal favorites!
I really like circles!
They look good on the black background!
This arrangement is interesting.
Love this one!

This is really cool!

Back to the Memorial for a minute! At one point I turned and saw my sister Kathy and cousin Amy with this man, so of course I snapped a picture! It turned out it was Michael Arad, the architect who designed the 9/11 Memorial!
He signed Kathy's and my copies of our brother's name rubbing and chatted for a few minutes.
You know how at quilt shows sometimes people hang around their quilt to see how people react and if they like it? That was what it seemed like he was doing. He was so nice and seemed in awe of his own work! It was a nice moment. He really did a good job.
I have loaded all of my 9/11 pictures on a Flickr site that you can access to see all of the pictures I took. There's a lot of them on there. Just click on the fire truck on the right side of the blog to go there.


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