Friday, January 20, 2012

Bayberry Quilt Guild Challenge Quilts

If you haven't been in to the store to see the Bayberry Quilt Guild Challenge Quilts you should come in to see them!
The challenge commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the National Seashore.
This one is Ruth's, complete with moveable parts, as usual!
There are 54 wallhangings hangings hanging, and they are all beautiful!

This is not part of the challenge, my mistake! I clicked the wrong number I guess. It's one of Marie Spadaro's that will be hanging next month. It does kind of of look like a fantasy Cape Cod shape though.

Come in to see the rest!


Sewfun said...

Love these! How long will they be on exhibit?

Mary said...

They will be hanging at the store until the end of January!

Lynn Makrin said...

Our guild was inspired by your guild to try this challenge. I've posted about it on my Facebook page: This Quilting Mama. We are so very excited and find your quilts to be amazing! Thank you for this post and all the creative inspiration.

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