Friday, February 3, 2012

Willie's Latest

Willie has finished her wool quilt!! It took awhile, it's all hand stitched!
Click to see better. There is a LOT of hand stitches in this quilt! Fabulous!
Willie's daughter's kitty, Franny, has a love for Birdie Sling bags. Kate had to check her bag for a kitty before leaving her apartment.
So Willie made Franny her own Birdie Sling bag to get cozy in! Of course! Maybe I'll try crawling into one of Willie's bags to see if she makes one for me! Franny loves it!
This is another quilt Willie made recently using Moda fabrics.
Amt Butler's Charm Clutch is really cute! Willie made this one for you to see at the store. You'll want to make one for yourself!


Willie said...

OMG I am becoming a regular blog whore!!!!

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