Saturday, June 23, 2012

Debbie's Update

Right outside the front door of Tumbleweed, in the wisteria, is a bird nest with three baby robins in it!

They are adorable!  Standing at the cash register is the best view and is quite entertaining.  The Mom and Dad are constantly swooping in and out of the nest to bring food and you sometimes feel like you need to duck when you catch their movement out of the corner of your eye.
 Speaking of new babies, Debbie Zeida is now a Grandmother!  James Paul Symes Zeida was welcomed into the world on 6/21/12!!  This is one of the quilts that Debbie had ready for him!
Everyone in the Zeida family has the "Red Sox Fan Gene" in a big way so this quilt is perfect for him!

 Meanwhile, back at the shop Debbie's students have been busy in classes!  Toni made this double wedding ring block and had it framed for a gift!

Barbara Winiaski has been piecing away and getting things done in Jo Morton Club!

What a difference a border makes!!

Mary Ellen Streeter made this stripy Jo quilt!

Kelly Littleton-Wisse finished this one!

Kelly also made a bright colored one!


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