Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fridays in the classroom are always fun! Even so, a lot gets done.  Shari has this quilt all finished!

Jeanne made one too!
 Jeanne also finished this one!
Sally worked on a double wedding ring!

Last Friday there was a party!  Hawaiian themed!

Apparently it was Eva and Gail's birthday month!!  They are both pictured a couple of pictures down.  These pictures today are in no semblance of order.  Some days are like that!

Marilyn shared this picture of a beautiful quilt she made recently on her daughter's bed!  It looks great with the white furniture!

Here they are!! The birthday girls, Gail and Eva!!
Those Friday ladies know how to have a good time!!


Anonymous said...

Mary - That was a quilt for Marilyn's SISTER!! she doesn't have any children.

Mary said...

Whoops!! Sorry about that!

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