Friday, August 24, 2012

More Proper Bostonians

The ladies from the Proper Bostonian Guild brought show and tell when they came to class Wednesday!  Charlotte Halloran made this red zig zag quilt!
Carol Ayotte showed us one of her latest creations!

Patty Bailey has been busy!  She this zig zag quilt

and two twister baby quilts

for twins!

Carol Ayotte is working on this circle quilt!

Charlotte started this bag in class with Willie and it was finished for her by Colleen Farrell!

Ann O'Connell brought her landscape in!  Another time the Bostonians came down they made landscapes with Carol and Ann had her's framed!  It looks like a painting, but it's all fabric!
Cindy MacDougall had her "stuff" in her woven bag!  Another time the Bostonians came down to make woven bags with Willie.


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