Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Activities

How was your weekend?  Surprisingly, mine was somewhat productive!  I managed to get some things accomplished!  For example, the CLASS SCHEDULE is finally done!!  Click on it over on the right of the screen and take a look!  
We moved my niece into her dorm suite in Boston on Friday.  Here's her bed with the quilt I made her last year.  I made the pillowcase too.  The throw pillows were store bought and were well used and very sad so I covered them about 11 o'clock Thursday night.
I finished getting this yellow fish quilt top made.  I have to decide whether I want to put a border on to make it a little bigger.

I made this fish top last week and it's hanging in the store.  I will either add more to it or leave it this size for a baby quilt at some point.

The biggest accomplishment of the weekend was to get the rest of this quilt top done and layered!  This quilt is made with some of my Aunt Rose's clothes that my cousin gave me to make a quilt for her daughter.  Actually she gave me mostly scarves.  It was a challenge.  Hanging over my head for awhile.     It's good to start quilting it because I do have a deadline to complete it.  

I hope your weekend was good!


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