Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Presents!

  Ricki knitted these awesome dogs for lucky people for Christmas!
She used patterns from a "Knit a Dog" book she had and made some changes to customize the dog to look like the recipient's dog!

Next year she's thinking of knitting some cats! I love the tongue on this one!

I've been using yarn, too!  I came across this yarn with giant pompoms in it and became obsessed!

I crocheted couch size blankets for various people for Christmas.  

My sister Kathy liked the brown-gray-black mix of colors and pompoms!  For some reason it reminded of her of squirrels.

Here's my brother in law back home on his couch!  

This is the black one, with my cat Jack blending in!

I made a purple one!

My favorite one was red and pink, of course!  I kept that one!

This one was lighter purples and grays.

This is my silver one, the only one without pompoms!  

I  made seven between the beginning on November and Christmas.  And nine scarves that I don't have pictures of.  I told you I was obsessed!  I did get a little quilting done too!


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