Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mallory's Quilts

I was visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago and took a look at a couple of quilts I had made for my niece, Mallory, years ago.  This is Mallory's horse quilt!
Her room was red and there wasn't all the "girly" colored horse related fabric available like there is now.  I wanted a big horse motif for the center and after brainstorming at the shop wound up photo copying a horse from a piece of fabric and then Carol Ayotte took it to the printer and blew it up for me.  Mallory chose the pictures of her that she wanted on the quilt.

I embroidered some horses and when Mallory came to visit told me she could draw me horses if I needed more so it turned out I had enough to put one Mallory drawn horse in each of the corners.

 She did draw one winged horse that is embroidered with sparkly silver thread!

It was fun to make and Mallory's involvement made it special!

When she needed a new quilt, Mallory made her own while she was visiting during the summer!  I helped hand sew the binding!  

 When Mallory was a baby/toddler my sister Kathy embroidered this Raggedy Ann center panel!  Then she sent it to me to do something with it.

 We changed the bottom left corner to add Mallory's name and hand print.

Then I found some Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric and some tie dye fabric and made a quilt!  I don't know why I wound up with tie dye. It's not what you think of with Raggedy Ann.

Now her room has recently been painted a pretty light green that she has accented with orange.  Before I went to visit I sewed a tuffet using Amy Butler's Gumdrop Pillow pattern and stuffed it while I was there.

I hope your weekend was fun!


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