Tuesday, July 16, 2013


After three weeks of company, I am getting back to "normal"!  It's been busy but fun.  My sister Kathy stayed a few days later than the rest of the company and we spent some girl time together.  We went to Newport for a couple of days and it was great!  
I've been to Newport before and love going to see the mansions.  This time I discovered one that I had never heard of - Rough Point - the home of heiress Doris Duke!  Apparently it opened in 2000.  Who knew!  
You are not allowed to take pictures inside the mansions, but they have a lot of textiles, bed linens, lace, and even a few quilts scattered throughout them!  Rough Point was very interesting.  They are in the middle of a restoration project of a 17th century silk velvet appliqué  valence from the dining room.  You can see a picture and read about it here.http://www.newportrestoration.org/exhibits_collections/slideshow/37-rough_point_valance
They have volunteers who have now put in over 2500 hours working on it!  The project is set up in the mansion and you can see how it is progressing.  There is an article about it here.
The gardens outside the mansion are gorgeous!  You can wander around outside and see the beautiful views of the ocean and the Cliff Walk behind it.  The cutting garden is in the front of the house and you can enter through a passageway through the hedges!

There is a large lawn with beds of flowers all around!

Down the middle is a row of rose arbors with a statue at the end.

 Lots of flowers!
 Doris Duke also had a couple of camels that lived with her at Rough Point now there are camel topiaries on the lawn!
Doris Duke's bedroom alone is worth the visit!  It's yellow and purple with lots of mother of pearl furniture and various items and hanging in the room is Renoir's painting "Girl Sewing"!!
Altogether we went through six mansions.  I wish I had pictures of the insides to share.
You have to see for yourself!   


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