Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For The Guys

There's a lot of fabric out now that is perfect for making a "guy" quilt.  This couch quilt I just made is actually Downton Abbey fabric but it is more manly than girly!  I put minkee on the back to make it really cozy!

Willie has a floral in the center of her quilt but I still think it would be great for a guy!
The fabric is Joel Dewberry's new line called Botanique!  I love the fabric Willie used on the border!

 Lynne Conroy attended a dying class taught by Elin Noble awhile back and recently made this Shibori quilt with the fabric she dyed in class!  What guy wouldn't love this one!

We just received this fabric called Double Vision from Andover and it too would be great for a man in your life!

Moda calls this line of fabric that we received this week "Little Black Dress" but really, what guy doesn't like a little black dress!

And of course we have Parson Gray fabric, 

which is always perfect for your favorite guy!

Valentine's Day is coming! Wouldn't your guy love a cozy couch quilt made just for him?


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