Saturday, September 13, 2014


Taylor Harmon has made her first quilt!!  She recently spent the afternoon layering her quilt in the classroom with her Grandmother, Nancy Harmon!

It was a productive afternoon, Taylor layered and trimmed her quilt

and Nancy layered these two baby quilts that she made for twin babies she knows!

Mary Wolicky, visiting from Ottawa, Canada, brought in this baby quilt to show us!  

June Auger made seasonal table runners as gifts for 3 weddings.

A lot of weddings. . . a lot of table runners!!

Here is Ruth's latest find in her travels through the resale world!  A beautiful cross stitch quilt!!

Another mystery!  Take a look at the 4 petal motifs.  Two of them have one petal incomplete!  Why?  It makes no sense.  The whole thing is embroidered and quilted yet two random petals are not fully stitched.  
One of life's mysteries!


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