Thursday, October 16, 2014

Old Quilt?

Alys Bowes brought in this mystery quilt to show us.  It belongs to a friend of hers.  It was probably meant to be used as a tablecloth but who knows? Her friend has no information on it. 

This is the back of it.  It was made by folding pieces of fabric into triangles with no raw edges and then the triangles were hand sewn together.  

So the back were finished at the same time and there was no batting in it.  Sort of like a prairie point cathedral window do your own thing.  
Whoever made it used tape to hold the triangles to the spot where she wanted to sew them.  A couple were held on by safety pins.

Then there were these green circles of fabric sewn along an edge.  Maybe to hang on a curtain rod or dowel to look at the design?  It is one of those fun ufos that turn up that hopefully someone else will have fun doing something with!  

This piece was also in the bag.  The start of a half square triangle quilt.  
I can just imagine what people will think of some of my ufos years from now!


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