Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Class With Carol

Hello Everyone!  It's been awhile, I was down in NY for 911 and in Philadelphia for a new Grandson, then I came home and was sick for 2 1/2 weeks with a virus.  So I am behind in my posting but hopefully will catch up quickly!     

A couple of weeks ago some of the "Proper Bostonians" were here for a class with Carol Ayotte, working on some of Louisa Smith's Strips and Curves techniques.  Here they are!

This is Carol's quilt that was inspiration for the ladies!

I actually lost my little paper that had who made this one in class. Please leave a comment if you know who it was.
 I know Charlotte made the fork and knife instead of a Strips and Curves quilt!

This is another one of Carol's.

This is another mystery student's!  

The rest of these photos are Carol's!  


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