Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Little Applique!

It's not too late to come to Tumbleweed on Sunday, April 17 to try a little hand appliqué!  

Laura Carlyle will be here to show you how!  Laura is seriously good at hand piecing, hand appliqué, and hand embroidery.  (Machine sewing too)  Here is a quilt she made and appliquéd some sea gulls to give it more personality!

I started thinking about some of the quilts I have made that I have added appliqué and embroidery to, like this one I made for my niece.  I appliquéd the horse in the center and added photos of her around it.  I embroidered a couple of horse blocks and when my niece was visiting she drew some pictures of horses for me that I embroidered!  

I enjoyed appliquéing the bright sailboats on this one!

Here's another appliqué - embroidered project! My grandson Evan's Christmas stocking!  

It didn't take long at all to appliqué a few boats and embroider the sails on this lap quilt!

I always like to embroider dish towels!  They don't take long to do and make great gifts!  

This is another one of my niece's quilts!  My sister embroidered the center panel and gave it to me to make into a quilt!  It was one of those preprinted embroidery panels but we added the hearts in the corners and the hands, heart and Mallory's name in the bottom left.  
So, if you haven't tried it you should!  It's easy and keeps your hands busy while watching tv or spending time in waiting rooms.


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