Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hearted again

This year we were "hearted" by our "Heart Lady", Helene.

The hearts will be hanging through Saturday
and will reappear next February.


Merrim said...

Hi Mary, my name is Merrim and i live in Patagonia , Argentina ... I love quilts too... have you ever seen "How to make an american quilt"?it´s a lovely film... well Mary good luck in this fun adventure ... by the way ... you have a follower already!! ... Me.

Merrim said...

I hope you forgive my mistakes ... my English is a little rusty!!

Kathy said...

It'll be fun to follow your blog!

Sam said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, Welcome to blogland. I will add you to my blog list.I have a quilting blog at OceanWavesQuilts@typepad.com. I look forward to seeing your blog, Barb

Janet said...

Hi Mary!
Your blog is off to a good start! Love the pictures, and I'd love to make that quilt Carol is showing off, except I don't know how to choose colors. :/ Is there a class for that?

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