Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

This is it! The debut of my blog! This is new to me,
but I think it's going to be fun.

Working at Tumbleweed Quilt Shop is always an adventure.
We're constantly getting new fabric.

There's usually something fun going on in the classroom.

People bring in their quilts to show us.

Here's Carol's quilt from the Scrappy Tuesday class,

and Nancy's made with jellyrolls from the book "On a Roll Again".

Stop back often to see what's happening!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mary! Your blog is awesome!

Jessica Levitt said...

Hi Mary.

Welcome to blogland! Can't wait to see what you share with us...

Sewfun said...

Looking forward to checking your blog! I love to see new fabrics and projects.

Willie said...

I love it. Can't wait to see what's up next.

Mary W said...

What great pictures! Your cat adds so much to the charm and friendliness of the blog. Cat lovers are really special people.

Merrim said...

Well Mary ... here I am again... i have recived your email , thank you ... I´m sure your blog is going to inspire me to make my own quilts . Can´t wait to see your next entry!!

Anonymous said...

just open your blog
just wanted to say that i was glad that i found your shop//everything that you would need it is there//would travel to take class and shop of course what fellow quilter wouldn't
go home with one or two bags for the next quilt// nice selection's
thank you fellow quilter

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your blog!! I have visited your store many times when I am on the Cape and I must say that I absolutely love it!!

Anonymous said...

PS... I highly recomend to everyone that they should stop by the store. You won't be disappointed!!

Anonymous said...

Saw the picture of my blue work! Am still trying to find the pattern for you. Miss Wednesday evenings at Tumbleweeds!Take care!

Linda said...

Hi Mary,
I don't have the bluework pattern but you can find it at www.REDWORK.info It is called BY THE SEA. There are a lot of cute patterns there! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

While visiting the Cape the week of October 10-17,I visited your WONDERFUL shop twice and indulged myself in your offerings. The only thing that proved to be a modicum of restraint was the weight concern of my check in baggage. I can't wait to come back again!!!
dd in nc

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