Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art and Aprons

Ruth Wilcox and Katherine Major are having a show titled "Art and Aprons" at the Selectman's 
building on Rt. 149 this week.
The aprons are made with some really cool vintage fabric. It's fun just to look at the fabric.
Here's the Mermaid's House.  
More aprons.
And more aprons.
They also have the Bayberry Quilt Guild's raffle quilt hanging in all it's glory.
It's beautiful!  I love the quilting!  Look at all the little loopy circles.  The flowers in the green
squares are wonderful.
This is the quilting on the border.  Diane McGuire did the quilting on the quilt.  Nice job Diane!
Ruth and Katherine will be at the Selectman's building now thru Sunday from 10-4.  It's not far from Tumbleweed so you can stop and see us too.


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