Monday, June 1, 2009

And the winner is...

The Ugly Box Contest has officially ended.  Here are the winning three boxes!!  We had people coming in all month to see the boxes and place over 300 votes!  Thank you for voting, and thank you to everyone who decorated a box. Everyone loved the boxes!
The first place winning box was made by Barbara Finnerly!  She made this vanity out of her
box and accessorized  it with the girl and dress.  Congratulations Barbara!
Second place was won by BettyAnn Mahoney!  She used fabric and shells to create this lovely Sailor's Valentine. BettyAnn also made another Sailor's Valentine box.  It was hard for people to decide which one they liked best.
Third place went to Margie Mancini for this Victorian style box with buttons, ribbons,  and lace.  I love buttons!  
All of the decorated boxes can be seen by clicking the Ugly Box Contest link on the right hand side of the blog.  (We're getting fancy here!)  There's also a link to the decorated bra display we had a few years ago, but it's not working today.  Don't forget this blog stuff is fairly new to me.  I think I'll have it figured out tomorrow.  So, for now there's the boxes to look at.  Enjoy!


Debbie Z. said...

Congratulations, to all, but especially Barbara! Just loved your creation. Sadly, my box is still plain.

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