Sunday, March 28, 2010


I thought I'd show you this quilt that I recently finished.
I saw it in "Kaffe Fassett's Quilts In The Sun" book done by Betsy Menefee Rickles and wanted to make it.
I decided to quilt it by hand using BIG stitches. It was fun! I made big wonky stitches and it went pretty fast, I must say.
Not like the old days when I hand quilted everything and it took awhile.
I seem to be drawn toward solid colors again for some reason. I made a few wallhangings in the 80's using solids, like this one. I guess I'm still drawn to similar colors.
This one was hand quilted.
The stitches are quite smaller, although I was always of the opinion that if I was going to do all that hand stitching, it was darn well going to show.
Here's another one using solid colors. I did this one when I first started going up to Kathleen Weinheimer's house to play with color and design. We were playing with color and I was trying to make the colors vibrate. It worked, as you can see by the fuzzy picture.
It was fun!
Lots of little stitches.


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