Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This quilt brightened up the shop considerably on a gray winter morning! Ann Edwards made this quilt for herself using her favorite colors.
Desiree stopped by to get felt to make another scarf. Isn't this a great scarf? It's the type of thing you see and say "I need that". Then you say "How did you you make that?". You can see more of Desiree's creativity here.
Diana Dupuis made this colorful scrappy bag. It was another bright spot on our gray day!
We now have the new Clover YO YO Makers in the oval, butterfly, and shamrock shapes. The shamrock shape is really a four leaf clover, shamrocks have three leaves, but it's still lucky.
Valerie Ward used the original round yo yo maker to make these Easter eggs. Very cute!


Anonymous said...

Mary, might you be able to convince Desiree to teach a class on how to make a scarf like hers?

It's so beautiful and unusual, I bet a lot of people would be interested in signing up!

Doris Bryan

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