Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's Going On?

You've heard me say that you never know what's going on in the classroom on Thursday morning, right? Well, this is what I saw today! Sue Oats was peeling potatoes and apples.
So was Tina, Jessica, and Charlotte. Carrots and radishes, too.
The radishes made Jessica's hands red.
Carrots on toothpicks? Why?
Look at the size of that knife!
Mickie was peeling carrots.
Bizarre, very bizarre!
It turned out that they were preparing the vegetables to dry out so they could make jewelry out of them! Pretty cool, huh! They were cutting different size pieces and putting them on toothpicks to dry out. Mystery solved!
Meanwhile, Ellen was knitting something.
So was Eeda Jill and Debbie.
Paula was piecing something by hand.
She had this quilt top to show us her progress.
She also finished another necklace.
Nancy had completed another pair of knitted socks and showed them to us.
She also had this quilt top completed and ready to be layered!
Jessica brought in her latest completed quilt. Click it! There's dragons on it and a tassel with beads and Chinese charms attached here and there!
Charlotte finished a couple more bracelets. You make them long and they wrap around your wrist a few times.
She also had this completed quilt to show off!
Eeda was carrying this purse that she had beaded, including making the beaded tassels.
And a good time was had by all! Thursday morning is always good for excitement, creative ideas, and motivation!


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