Friday, January 21, 2011


Maureen Blanchard, owner of Cobblestone Quilts in Townsend, Ma., stopped in this week and showed us her Fabulous hexagon chicken quilt!
Check it out! It's made entirely of chicken fabric! Lots and lots of fussy cut chickens!
This is part of the back of the quilt, which is all pieces of chicken fabric! It took her three years to make this quilt.
Now it's done, and she is currently working on this hexagon quilt.
Remember when we did the Bra Project for Breast Cancer? I absolutely loved this chicken bra, which was made by Maureen and now lives in my sewing room.
Check out her website, and if you are around Townsend, stop by her shop! Maureen also has a long arm quilting service!


Cindy said...

I love chickens! How neat to think of that!

Mary Carlson said...

Isn't it fun? You can pick any theme, Cats and Dogs would be a fun one for you!

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