Monday, January 17, 2011

More of Mine

My brother Bill and his wife Nancy were visiting me this past weekend and stopped by the store on Saturday while I was working. They looked at some of my quilts that were hanging.
My brother liked how there were big bright ones on the right side and they got smaller and darker to the left.
He said it clearly showed a "depraved quilter's gradual decline into madness!"
Isn't he fun? Actually, he really is. The tea cup wallhanging is not that crooked on the top. The top right corner needs to be raided up a bit. Everyone usually thinks the tea bags are real, but I made them from interfacing and shredded corduroy.
This one is my "Fat Lady Singing" quilt.
I made this one from men's wool suit fabric samples a friend had given me.
I guess the embroidery is a little weird.
It was fun though!
I love these buttons. A flower, plant pot, and butterflies.
It doesn't show well in the picture, but the person has a pansy flower face silver button.


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