Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mary Wheatley's Quilts

Mary Wheatley brought in a few of her latest projects. She has finished this wallhanging that she paper pieced ala George Siciliano. Such teeny tiny pointy little pieces!
This is another one!
This one is still in two pieces that will probably be sewn together like this.
Just for fun she brought these in to show me; she knows I like embroidery. She embroidered these many years ago for her daughter who was attending MIT at the time.
Here's the back. She used pearl cotton because she finds the color stays bright. These have been worn and washed repeatedly and the embroidery looks as bright as when she first did it!
Mary always brings fun things for us to see!


Cindy said...

Those are many tiny points aren't they. I love embroidery, but my eyes don't!

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