Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon with Debbie.

Debbie's students were busy busy busy last Wednesday! First we have Jeannine Wolfe showing us her Tulip Quilt! I do wish Spring would arrive!
This is Jeannine's "stuff". She's working on a quilt using 30's fabrics.
Kathy Paige Smith was working on this wreath wallhanging. She's going to be ready for Christmas this year!!
Patty Williams was practicing her machine quilting.
Evie Gauthier is behind this Jo Morton Wallhanging. I love the border fabrics she chose!
This is a very rare site to behold, Barbara Winiakski sitting at her sewing machine and actually sewing something! I was lucky to be able to get this picture! Look at all the 4-patches she has done!! You go girl!!!
Ann-Marie Gavin was working on a tee shirt quilt with her brothers tee shirts.
Toni Ricciardi was busy making lavendar stars.


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