Monday, July 25, 2011


We've received a lot of fabric lately! Silent Cinema by Jenean Morrison for Freespirit arrived!
Also from Freespirit we received some Loulouthi by Anna Marie Horner and Aviary II by Joel Dewberry!
Some Kaffe came in that were reorders that we couldn't be without!
These new black and white fabrics have a lot of movement in them and would do wonders in a quilt!
Have you noticed the giant nest on the telephone pole on 6A heading to the left out of our parking lot a little before the railroad tracks? People have asked us about it. I'm told that it's occupied by ospreys, but it looks like Big Bird's nest to me. It's big enough!
I've seen two occupants flying to and from it. I don't know if there are baby ospreys in it or not. I like seeing it on my way home from the store.


judy said...

It's a much bigger nest than first time newly married osprey nest builders would make, so I would assume there are babies involved. They must have built there last year as well???

Mary said...

The nest has been there for a few years. I'm pretty sure it was empty last year and the current occupants did a lot of remodeling, as it wasn't suitable for the lady of the nest.

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