Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ruth Wilcox's Granddaughter, Mikala, and her friend, Emily, came to visit for a few days and made quilts while they were there! Mikala (on the left) made her quilt to give to her new sister, Hailey, who is 5 months old! Emily has a new little brother named Henrik, who will be receiving the quilt she made!
Nancy Vincent did a lot of math figuring out the multiple borders on this quilt! It was worth it, because it looks great and everything fits wonderfully!
Jessica Woods-Robinson made a adorable hat for her niece! What a cool sparkly ornament on the side!
Maria Spadaro has been very busy with her new sewing machine! She's been playing with raw edge applique, machine quilting, jewels, a little paint, and who knows what! The results are beautiful!
Here's another one that she made! The fish are practically transparent and kind of glow!


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