Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virginia's Quilts

Virginia Pena brought in 2 special quilts to show us! This first depicts her interpretation of the Mysteries of the Rosary. This quilt is very special to her!
She added personal details. Like Joseph, her husband is a carpenter. As a little nod to him she made the table with only three legs! I guess carpenters, like quilters, sometimes have UFO's!
I love the rosary beads made out of french knots in this block.
Of course Baby Jesus sparkles!
The second quilt depicts pictures that her granddaughters did of their time on the Cape while visiting their grandmother.
I wish everyone could've been in the shop to hear her talk about each block! This one has little bits of antique lace for collars, and she reminded us to never throw out anything, even the littlest bit could be used for something!
Love the stick people!
These quilts were all done by hand, in the style of Jane Bolton. Family treasures!!


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