Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabulous Finds!

Ruth came upon this quilt top recently, I think at a yard sale? She's lucky like that! Or I should say skilled in the art of finding beautiful cast off things.
It's in really good condition. I like the arrangement of the stars with the dark bordered ones in the center and white around it.
Laurie LaConte brought this gorgeous quilt in to show us today! She bought this top on ebay and then machine quilted it with her long arm machine.
It presented quite a challenge when the borders needed to be taken off and re-attached after she had already started quilting it!
It was definitely worth the work!!

This is another of Ruth's finds! I think she found this one at Brimfield.
It has beautiful shapes in it - circles, diamonds, smaller circles.
See, no reason to stress about having unfinished tops around! Somewhere, somehow, sometime, someone we acquire them and finish them with lots of enjoyment and love!


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