Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Okay! Now I am rocking on MY new computer! Well, kind of. It's not all set up yet but it's ready for blogging. So far the scroll up and down works the opposite of the old one. It's an adjustment. So, today I have hexagons to show you. This is the Paper Pieces booth at Quilt Market.
Everyone at Tumbleweed loves Paper Pieces!
See the big hexagon toward the top of the picture? That's a new large size that is now available. It works great with Kaffe fabrics or any large prints. I've been working on big hexagons with Kaffe florals.
This is another booth with a beautiful hexagon quilt for your viewing pleasure!
Cathy Miller made this one using 1/4 inch Paper Pieces. Congratulations on finishing this!!


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