Friday, November 4, 2011

Quilts From Massachusetts Quilters!

I thought I'd share some of the quilts I saw on display, starting with the one above by Sandy Gregg. I tried to get pictures of the quilts made by people from Massachusetts.

The one above was made by Priscilla Smith.

Below is a group quilt made by Bobbie Sullivan and the Coastal Quilt Artists. Betty Crowell is a member and made one of the slices. Sandy Gregg took the photograph of Copley Square in Boston and it was then diveded into slices for everyone to do.

I took pictures of four sections at a time so you can see some of the details in it.

It's beautiful!

Pat Delaney made this next one. Pat is from Abington.

I took a couple of closeups so you can see details of the quilting.

Diane Loomis made this one. She is from Sudbury.

Next is one made by Timna Tarr, from South Hadley.

I believe this one was done by Tina McCann.

I had another one made by Timna Tarr, but it disappeared. I'll find it again and post it tomorrow. I'm used to an Apple and this is a PC. I'm used to a regular computer and this is a lap top. I do not adjust to new or different technology easily. Posting from here is crazy, the spacing is coming out with big gaps between the photos. I correct them before posting and they seem to go back to big spaces after it posts. Whatever! I know there's probably lots more quilts from Massachusettes that were hanging, I couldn't get pictures of everything. I have a lot more quilt pictures though.


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