Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's still March, time for another tool.
This is the Supreme Slider.  It's a teflon rectangle you put on your sewing bed with the hole centered so the needle can go up and down.  You need it when you are machine quilting because it makes your quilt sooo much easier to move around.  I couldn't believe it when I tried it because I was very skeptical, but it really makes a difference.  I love it!  Try it and see.
We were able to get some more of the Collette quilt kits from Timeless Treasures.  They're priced at $75 and are very pretty.
Did anybody see the Martha Stewart Show last week when she celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Lilly Pulitzer?  I love her colors!  I was inspired to pull out a couple of Lilly fabrics I had in my stash and other fabrics to make a really nice pile.  It's going to be a quilt some day.


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