Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Technical blog stuff

Things I've learned about blogs in the week I've been blogging.

1-First of all, the fact is that nothing about computers comes easy
for me. It's all a great mystery.

2-One cool thing I discovered is that if you click on a picture it
gets bigger. I knew that happened other places on the computer, but I didn't realize it happened on my blog.

3-Posting a comment was confusing (Thank you to everyone who has already figured it out!) I consulted with my techies and learned how so I could pass it on to you:

1-Click comments at the end of a post.

2-At the bottom portion of the screen you'll see a white rectangular box that says "Post a Comment" above it. Type your comment in the white box.

3-Underneath the box it says: 'Comment as: select profile'

Click the arrows next to select profile and a list appears. If you have a gmail account you can click google account.

If not, go down to name/URL and click it. A white box opens that says Edit Profile with a space to type in your name.
Type your name. Most people don't have a URL (whatever that is) so ignore it and click continue.
If you'd prefer, you can click anonymous instead of name/URL.

4-Click on Post Comment underneath the white box.
5-You're done!


Anonymous said...

Mary, I am so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing the article showing your studio, loved seeing the picture of the ship skeleton, and new fabrics at the shop, and the ugly box contest.... Very fun blog. To tell you the truth, I never quite knew what a blog was! Now I know.
xoxox, Margot

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