Thursday, August 27, 2009

Evelyn's Quilt

Evelyn Newton came in to buy fabric for borders for this quilt she is making for her Granddaughter, who is getting married soon. She designed the blocks herself, and they are wonderful!
She has done hand embroidery on all the blocks. You definitely have to click these pictures to see the detail!! The birds in this block are embroidered! They're great!
This block is all embroidered!
The buildings in this block are tobacco sheds in Hadley, where her Granddaughter grew up.
The birds in this block are appliqued, click to see the embroidery details.
The house is the one Evelyn's Granddaughter grew up in. Love the fruit bowl!
I bet the swan lives in Hadley too!
Matt and Laura-What a lucky couple!


marianne said...

What a beautiful quilt! What a labor of love for a lucky grand daughter!

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