Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hope For UFO's Everywhere!

Do you ever think about all your UFO's and think they will never, ever be finished? I do. I do have a lot of UFO's to do. Well, today I got a little bit of hope. Bessie came in to the store today needing some advice on finishing her quilt top. She used our tables and layered and tied it.
It's a wonderful quilt! Click the picture. It has strips of everything and anything, all about a half inch wide. Well, it turns out that she lived in Arizona in the FORTIES and her neighbor was a quilter and she bought the top from her. She has had it all this time and never finished it!
That's sixty years!! I think she wins! I've seen old quilt tops that people are finishing that they bought at yard sales or somewhere, but not the same person holding on to it for that long and
getting it done.
It made me think about my UFO's. I think this one is my oldest. I was making this quilt for my daughter Keri for when she was graduating from a crib to a big girl bed. She is now 29.
I have all that sewn together already, and all the pieces cut out and pinned to paper for all the remaining blocks I need to complete it. I have no idea why I lost interest.
Maybe it'll be done in time for Keri to have a daughter that's graduating to a big girl's bed.
There's still hope for this UFO!


marianne said...

Wow! Now if only I can find my hidden UFOs!

Merrim said...

astonishing!! amazing work!!!

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