Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Patterns!!

Sue Cambell has a couple of new patterns, available only at Tumbleweed! Her new Martha's Vineyard Summer pattern, a companion to her Nantucket Sleigh Ride Pattern, is at the store!
This is the Cape Cod Seaside Village pattern. It is a wonderful pattern that you can make your own by the details you add.
This is one in progress by Nancy Vincent.
A closeup shows some of the embroidery detail she is adding. Don't forget to click it to make it bigger.
This is Sue's Village.
This is another of Nancy's.
Now we have patterns from Marianne Millette Kelly! These two wallhangings are the first of a series of Mermaid Patterns that Marianne is making for Tumbleweed customers.
They are very fun and great to personalize with embellishments!
All homes on Cape Cod could use a Mermaid Wallhanging, don't you think?


TaCos said...

i really like those patters.

marianne said...

This looks great! Thanks, Mary!

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