Thursday, February 25, 2010

EEda Jill's Shawl

First, you know how if you can't find something and go buy another one you immediately find the original one? Well, my paper with the names of the makers of the two quilts I posted yesterday has been missing for weeks. I finally gave up all hope of finding it and posted the pictures with no names and the paper turned up today. Apparently someone at the shop had found it and tacked it to our bulletin board and never mentioned finding it. So, the star quilt is called Summer Stars and was made by Debbie Bagshaw. The black with bright colors quilt was made by Valerie Davitt and was part of a Buck a Block program she participated in. They were with the Brown Baggers from the Norwood area staying at the Cape Point Hotel for a wonderful weekend getaway. Mystery solved!

Now, this is Eeda Jill Belkin modeling her shawl she made. It it gorgeous! She attached lots of her antique beads to it.
Here's the back view.
It is actually a circle of more than 360 degrees. She told me that she used progressively bigger knitting needles as she worked out from the center, thus making the outside larger.
Here's a closer look.
Aren't the beads exquisite?
The Thursday Morning girls had lots of good things to show today. More pictures to come!


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